Hello Geographers!

What questions do West Maple geographers ask about the United States?

How is the environment? Is the air polluted? Water polluted?
Where do tigers live and why did they choose to live there?.
How high is that mountain?
How were those landforms created?
What caused those landforms to be created?
What is the climate there?
How long are the rivers?
How tall is the volcano?
How deep are the rivers? oceans? lakes?
How hot is the lava?
How much does it rain or snow there?
Can humans create landforms?
What plants and trees grow there?
Can I find it on a map?
Where is the United States?
What other countries are along its border?
What natural resources are there?
What are the people like that live there?
What is it like there?
How does it compare to other places?

What are the Five Themes of Geography?
We can learn about them from the video and powerpoint presentation below!

Lattitude and Longitude Game